“Arteealtro” is born to pick back where I left off as a gallerist, but in a new fashion, closer to my current way of life, which reflects a new personal existential path: from the desire to learn to wait for the waves of destiny to show me the way, to hoarding my life experiences and put them to good use for the community, as with my work in health counselling, and my desire to get involved in socially useful projects.
“Arteealtro” is thus not only involved in Arts, but also in Other Matters, and The Other.
Alongside the organisation of contemporary art shows, “Arteealtro” intends to collaborate in the promotion for the organisation of events more closely related to social issues, or the environment, with the precise purpose of creating initiatives which could in some way be socially useful.
From the organisation, promotion, and participation to exhibitions meant to subsidize associations and “ONLUS” groups that are involved sensitive tasks (from aiding women and children victims of violence, people with various sort of drug and alcohol related dependence; to workshops. But also debates and conventions on social subjects aiming to establish the importance of art in general, as a real therapeutic instrument.
From the realisation of formative cultural projects where the arts intervene as social instruments of integration, special addressed to children and youngsters belonging to deprived social classes, seldom in contact with the art world; up to the development and diffusion of initiatives inherent to Shoa’s memory and Hebrew persecution, with a didactic and educational purpose, with talks held in museums, schools, town hall spaces in Italy and abroad. In this perspective, in 2014 “Arteelatro” endorsed the exhibition “Artisti Per l’Approdo”, inviting some of their artists to participate to the event which reunited a selection of creations whose sale helped to finance the reconstruction and restoration of the Centre for Treatment of Pathological dependencies “ L’Approdo” in Anzio (Rome) The show took place in Rome on April 11, in the “Carcani Garage” in Via Carcani in Trastevere.
In 2015, as part of the Holocaust Remembrance Days, “Arteealtro “presented the exhibition “On the Traces of Memory” in the forum of the Austrian Cultural Centre of Rome: a photographic series of shots originating from some personal reflections about the deportations which took place in Rome during the period of the Nazi occupation of the city.
“On The Traces Of Memory” is in reality a much wider, ambitious and complex project than the one presented at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome. The project had ended up at the bottom of a drawer after two years of hard work. Now, I finally felt I had reached a proper emotional detachment from it, so I took the project back on, and transformed it into an instrument of discussion and thought for youngsters in schools. In 2015 the project was presented at the Marymount and Pio Baldi schools (Elementary and Secondary).

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