Dear Betta;

We could say we started together.

Your first exhibition in your gallery. And my first exhibition with my companions from Beaux Arts.

At the time I was painting! Then I evolve and you follow me, you encourage me.

Collages, drawings, sculptures. The materials change; resin, cloth.

Then I move to another Studio.

The new place is big, I find my work so so small…

I want to produce larger, more expensive things!

I lose my “thread” (you pick back where you left yours).

I achieve nothing.

I watch from my window day after day, the construction of a new building on the other side of the street.

One day, one week, three months. I have lost track of time.

I look at a bunch of cardboard boxes that I have kept since I last moved in, they wink at me.

A little girl playing, a string and cardboard, big ones!

Everything is already here at hand’s reach.

You just need to pace yourself.

I am finding my path in the woods again.

Or my thread, if you prefer.


Paris, January 30, 2014