Dear Betta,

from 2007 onwards, my work has been more and more focused on colour. My practice helps me keep an intense, yet detached relation with it, like looking oddly at a creation made by another me. I was lucky enough to work while travelling: I had a solo show in Istanbul, and another one in Izmir (Smirne), and Turkey, aside from work,is an immersion in colour. And then China, a curious, interesting collective exhibition and trip, validated in Venice at the foundation Belivacqua la Masa. Among other things, I like to remember an exhibit at Lidia Carreri’s foundation Noesi… and then then some serigraphs for the Picasso gallery in Madrid.

It feels odd writing to you after such a long time, but my unipersonal  exhibit of 2003 (Kerotakis) in your gallery immediately springs to my mind, as well as your will and resolution to do your best.

It would be interesting if you started working again in the art world.  Right now in Italy things are more stimulating, and we were in dire need of rebuilding… twenty years of a “regime” have spiritually and economically exhausted us. And like in an initiatory journey, we must stumble and fall before things get better.

My last individual exhibit at Nini Esposito’s gallery (December 2013) was based on this. The title ”Melancholia” took you straight back to a film and to the Durer engraving, and in a path of coloured planets I have tried to speak of the need to look outwards, as in a cardboard kaleidoscope, which we call down South “seeing beauty”.

A hug and a kiss


Rome, January 26, 2014