The 9viadellavetrinacontemporanea gallery was inaugurated October 9, 2000

Situated in a street in the historic centre of Rome – nearby Piazza Navona, between Via dei Coronari and Piazza del Fico – the gallery was articulated on two floors, both used as exhibit spaces. With the intent to act with a totally free intellectual spirit, devoid of privileged relations, or tied to particular trends, the gallery has been involved with the promotion of the work of young artists, Italian and foreign, at the start of their careers, who expressed through every technique in figurative art, including photographs and art installations, organising their first individual exhibits. Apart from the promotion of newcomers, the gallery has also organised a series of individual and collective exhibitions of renowned artists in the domestic and international scene (Bizhan Bassiri , Carlo Battaglia, Paola Gandolfi, Mario Lamorgese, Paolo Laudisa, Andrea Marescalchi, Nunzio, John Ratner, Mariella Simoni, Georgina Spengler, Marco Tirelli, Alberto Vannetti)
The seasonal program of the gallery included the organisation of six shows a year, with an alternation between individual and collective exhibits in which the artists were invited to start a conversation among themselves, based on a mutually agreed theme, or on similar techniques and styles. In order to divulge and promote the work of the represented artists from 2003, the gallery has participated to international contemporary art fairs. In 2004 Achille Bonito Oliva awarded a silver ABO (personal award by Achille Bonito Oliva) to Elisabetta Giovagnoni for Best Gallerist of the Year (tied in with gallersit Giangi Fonti from Naples) for her work promoting young artists.

Artists represented by the gallery

Francesco Cervelli, India Evans, Eva Jospin, Maria Martinelli, Steven Meek, Alfredo Valente.

Artists who have exhibited their work at the gallery

Benoit Astier, Carlo Battaglia, Bizhan Bassiri, Luigi Billi, Alessia Bulgari, Jessica Carroll, Marzia Gandini, Paola Gandolfi, Amalia Gatacre, Mario Lamorgese, Paolo Laudisa, Brunella Longo, Lex, Lucamaleonte, Andrea Marescalchi, Nunzio, Ivan Pericoli, Frederique Petit, Sergio Picciaredda, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Bianca Pilet, Julie Polidoro, John Ratner, Corrado Sassi, Mariella Simoni, Georgina Spengler, Sten, Marco Tirelli, Alfredo Valente, Alberto Vannetti, Giuseppe Verga, Woudi-Tat.

Critics who wrote about the artists whose work was exhibited at the gallery

Enrico Alleva, Achille Bonito Oliva, Lorenzo Canova, Elena del Drago, Eve Ensler, Francesca del Gatto, Elisabetta Giovagnoni, Margherita Hack, Ada Lombardi, Valerio Magrelli, Antonella Marino, Gianluca Marziani, Giovan Battista Salerno, Marco Vallora, Marianna Vecellio, Valentino Zeichen.

Art Fairs to which the gallery has participated in

2007 “ArteFiera Bologna”, January 25-29, 2007, Bologna
2006 “ArteFiera Bologna”, January 27-30, 2006, Bologna
2005 “ArteFiera Bologna”, January 27-31, 2005, Bologna
2004 “Riparte 2004 -International Art Fair”, November 26-28, 2004, Roma
2004 “Miart Fiera Milano International”, May 12-16, 2004, Milano
2004 “International Artexpo Monte-Carlo”, March 17-21, 2004, Monte-Carlo
2003 “Riparte 2003-International Art Fair”, November 28-29-30, 2003, Roma