“Arteealtro” (Art and Other Matters) was born in 2014 with the purpose of becoming a container of projects linked to art and other matters, which take shape as I go along. It became a cultural association in 2015.
In a historic period in which many of us ask ourselves what the future of art galleries will look like – in view of the ever fast changes brought about the rise of the internet and virtual reality – the purpose of this container of ideas is to give shape to a new way of being an art dealer and a gallerist, unbound by a fixed space in which to exhibit, being more itinerant, bringing art to Europe and the world more freely and organically.
This project is all the more important for me in particular : having had an established, canonical space at my Via della Vetrina gallery in Rome, and having been a full-time mother for seven years, “Arteealtro” represents a real re-birth for me on many levels, giving me a sensation of unreserved freedom and autonomy: from the choice of projects to their locations, from the selection of the artist, to the public and buyers.
In my new condition as a nomadic gallerist without a fixed place of business, my intent with “Arteealtro” is to move freely: from the organisation of art exhibitions ,to initiatives which can conjugate art and socially sensitive issues. It is a way to stay close to art and artists, in a society which is more than ever dependent on the concepts of sharing and transiency.
A new formula, which I feel is closer to the way I live my life now, reflecting a choice in my existential path: from the desire to learn and wait – letting myself be guided from The Waves of Destiny – to giving back to others what I have learned: as when I worked on health counselling: an activity which gave me the idea of getting involved in art projects which are also socially useful; thus the name “Arteealtro”, Art and Other Matters, a 360 degrees view not only on Art but also on Other Matters and “The Other”.
“Arteealtro” aspires to develop a new form of communication, one which is higher and universal, more empathetic and resounding, warmer and more welcoming.
“Arteealtro” wants to make art accessible to all, that is why it aspires not to speak in an “artsy” hyper-critical manner.
“Arteealtro” gives room to newcomers and older talented artists who have been on the fringes of the contemporary art world, which often does not reward artists based on merit, but on a more perverse agenda dictated by the market.
“Arteealtro” constantly closely examines “Other Matters” through the creation of synergies between various sectors of culture, and social and environmental projects, so that it can leave a permanent mark in the future of our society.
My embryonal project “Arteealtro” is like a gentle toddler who needs to be nursed and watched over, so that it may grow, one day at a time, nourished by my dedication, passion, and love… for Art and The Other.

Elisabetta Giovagnoni