Dear Betta,

These last few years my research did not stray too far away from my main interests which constituted my source of inspiration, since my return to Italy from the US. The research on shape, portraits, both natural and urban landscapes, are elements that always surprised me and motivate my work in search for critical thought and reflection. An in-depth pictorial analysis, using new materials, and maybe a stronger sense of realism characterise my last art pieces, both in painting and sculpture.

A series of creations in clay, pigments, and ecological resin, will be exhibited . This research was born out of the attempt to understand how we perceive ourselves, and we get in contact with others.

The visible reality is represented by clay, followed by chalk moulds made using the “lost form technique”. Impressions of urban life are condensed in the “Passangers”, realistic modelled sculptures that remind us of a metropolitan dimension, and which could be freely composed in space, and arranged accordingly. The base on which the figures are placed serves as a setting being ideally crossed, among light traces of vegetable organisms, quasi-fossil remains from a recent past, bearing witness to the eternal value of nature. Symbolic elements of modern life, which come near each other without ever really meeting.

In “Pool” too, the distance between figures creates the field with delimits the art creation. Emerging stones take shape and are cornered at the two opposing ends by the two busts placed on the sides. Emerged still bodies looking at each other, in an impossible natural pool.

Another group belongs the “Lost Garden” series, an ideal garden where isolated figures, or couples, look immersed in contemplation, or in an ideal silence. Here too, delicate and rare elements of vegetation melt together with the shapes of the figures.

Art works on paper, drawings, digital elaborations, and oil paintings, make up the rest of this journey.


Rome, January 24, 2014