The Day Before, 2004

Nowadays thanks to sophisticated software it is possible to reconstruct the map of the sky from any point of the earth’s surface, corresponding to a chosen date.
In the series of works “The Day Before” the map of the sky the night before an air raid against a civilian population can be observed. The series are composed of twelve starry skies: Guernica, Hiroshima, New York… and on each one the place, year, day and exact minute preceding its entrance into history is indicated.
While the skies invite us to contemplate the show of serene beauty of the stars, the star-lit skies of the series “The Day Before” tragically inscribed in History concentrate in them the upcoming drama. They tell a story of war, violence and death without ever showing them, in that precise moment when everything seems possible, but everything has already been decided. The partition is already in motion between “those who know” and “those who don’t know”.
The Day Before Guernica: April 25, 1937 at 23h59, The Day Before Nagasaki: August 8, 1945 at 23h59.
The Day Before London: September 6, 1940 at 23h59, The Day Before Hanoi: December 17, 1972 at 23h59.
The Day Before Coventry: November 13, 1940 at 23h59, The Day Before Halabja: March 19, 1988 at 23h59.
The Day Before Caen: June 5, 1944, at 23h59, The Day Before Baghdad: January 15, 1991, at 23h59.
The Day Before Dresden February 12, 1945 at 23h59, The Day Before New York: September 10, 2001 at 23h59.
The Day Before Hiroshima: August 5, 1945 at 23h59, The Day Before Baghdad: March 18, 2003 at 23h59.

Les Ambitieux, 2008
The photographs in the series “Les Ambitieux” were executed starting from official portraits of men of State and power in contemporary history. The photographed bodies of these important men were successfully cut in two, and suctioned in the middle, depriving them of their faces, ie: their ego. From this subtraction operation, nothing was left but the shell of their function and the decorum given by power.
The conquering of power requires meticulous work, it is never the fruit of chance; it is at the same time the indicator of an overblown ego. Emulating the “memento mori” (remember you are mortal) that the slave reminded his tormentor – the victorious ancient Roman dressed in purple, wearing the laurel crown – “Les Ambitieux” project intends to radically cancel the expression of that ego.

Uncover, 2013
A series carried out by using foreign magazines (Life Magazine, Il Borghese, Historia) back issues from the 50’s to the 70’s. The pages were emptied afterwards, in a way which enabled images from the inside to appear on the cover. On this new cover, all the elements superimposed form a coherent and readable composition. Like an archaeological site in which you proceed progressively towards subterranean layers, this destruction/construction gives place to the birth of a hybrid image. “Uncover” lets traces of events that never occurred, of moments which never existed, emerge.

Still, 2014
A series of works produced by superimposing layers of paint coming from the Ford company plant in Detroit. These layers composed by the daily accumulation of paint were extracted in blocks meant to remind you a collection of minerals.
Leaving aside their plastic beauty, these coloured stripes represent the traces of the passing of time, and the work of men. The “Still” series evokes at the same time the wonderful spectacle of colour, the labour necessary to its fabrication, and the mechanical repetition of the gesture. The “stills” have become monuments keeping memories safe, life has become pure matter.

Missing, 2015
The Missing installation is composed by a series of photographs reproducing a school class photo shot in 1974, re-printed as many times as the years that have passed by.
With time, the disappearance of some people who appeared in the first shots becomes evident. The “Missing” installation intends to use the photographic instrument giving it the opposite purpose it usually serves: as a negation of its commemorative function.

Star System, 2015
A series of portraits realized from the sky chart of the customer. The portrait exhibited is in fact a self-portrait of the artist.