Dear Elisabetta,

For this rentrée of yours in the heart of contemporary art, I offer you a series of art pieces for the exhibition:  the “fazzoletti” (the handkerchiefs), sort of mini banners protected by a Plexiglas base, lightly painted, or with minimal collages to highlight the fragility and uncertainty of nature and men, applied on geometrically textiles found and combined with figures, free-style traits and instinctive symbols. Shapes and signs we find in the series of the tale/diary elaborated with the small tempera, which from the year 2000 are part of the evolution of my work. A tale which speaks through images and matches my daily state of mind with the elements of geometry, crossing through the ancient and the contemporary in a symbolic and temporary game. We can see here twelve of the almost 120 creations made so far.

If the weather allows it we could also install two big velvet banners along the same lines, but this time technically set in the sense of an easy communication, of the popular message, of the Southern tradition to show the rug or precious cloth on the balcony during the patron saint parades. Certain of our/your renewed success, I reckon that the art world public will undoubtedly appreciate.


Cisternino, January 13, 2014