For Giuseppe Pulvirenti, sculptor, the prerogative of his work is a slow gestation of the project, and that is why he produces few artworks which are nonetheless the fruit of a specific idea on which he has been working for years. His work lacks emotion, in the sense that his emotional perception is not immediately apparent; the aim is to lead the audience to reflection, first and foremost. Pulvirenti shows in our exhibit a selection of artworks executed throughout the years, of small and medium size, and two unreleased works, only recently finished, which will be shown to the public for the first time. 

Giuseppe Pulvirenti was born in Siracusa in 1956.

In 1975 he moves to Rome where he attends the Sculpture Course held by Pericle Fazzini at the Fine Arts Academy. During the 80’s he participates in several collective exhibitions and in 1990 he is invited to the Biennale of Venice and to “Aperto 90”. He works with several galleries including Eric Frank in Geneva, Framart Studio in Naples, and Ugo Ferranti in Rome.